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For information on N.A.P.I.T and SJ Electrical as a full scope (A) Electrical Company on Domestic and Commercial installations please click on the links below.








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Just Look Below at some of the Domestic Services we provide.....

And if what you require is not shown on these pages please call us and tell us what you would like!



SJ Electrical are Fully Certified and Hold Current Qualifications these are Up-Dated and assessed on a regular basis for Compliance to Regulations and Quality of Workmanship.


We replace broken light fittings, Supply & install new Wall Switches and Dimmer Switches in various finishes. 

New Consumer Units That Comply To BS7671 2018 ARE NOW REQUIRED


We install Outside Security lights with PIR sensors including Lantern designs, Halogen Floodlights and Bulkhead lights. We also fit Stand alone lights with Separate PIR sensors. All garden electrics - we do them all.


Safety Inspections

We carry out a full test, inspection & safety check service.

Did you know that Domestic electrical installations should be tested and inspected for safety every 10 years or less? Or change of occupier.  (It's called an Electrical Condition Report). And the older  electric's the more frequent it should be inspected! This applies to all domestic dwellings. Commercial, Industrial, Public and other places have different shorter time spans.

Most home owners today get their gas boilers and gas fires inspected annually by a GAS SAFE registered heating engineer but some forget the electrics! Electricity is the most dangerous supply in your home! You can smell a Gas leak or problem, with Electricity the first thing you'll know about is an electric shock or the smell of burning! Don't ignore the risks, the electrical safety regulations are there for a reason. Call us to arrange a safety check on your home.

Rented properties should also be inspected regularly and at every change of tenant. Landlords should organise this on behalf of their tenants. 

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(24Hr) 07838100455 


There are all sorts of timers fitted in peoples homes and they are usually one of three types: Central Heating/Hot Water Timer, Immersion Heater Timer and Economy 7 Timers. We can replace them all. If for example your old Central Heating Timer (Analogue Clock Design) has failed or is just too noisy, we can replace it with a new 100% accurate, easy to use Digital Timer or with one similar to the original.



We supply and install slim-line Storage heaters small, medium & large. There are various sizes, typically 0.9kW, 1.7kW, 2.5kW & 3.4kW.


We also fit Electric Panel Heaters with or without in-built timer.



The Electrics in bathrooms must conform to very strict regulations that not many people know about (I.E. the Zones electrics are allowed & not allowed in, earth bonding etc). This is purely and simple because Electricity and Water obviously just Do Not Mix! Just call us to arrange a visit and a free Quotation.


Most new Electric Showers are a lot more powerful than old types (I.E. Old = 7 KW : New 10.5 KW or more) and so the correct size cable and accessories are essential. Also it is standard practice for the shower circuit to be covered by an RCD (which old fuse boxes don't have) and to be switched on and off in the bathroom via a Double Pole Pull Cord Switch. If you don't know the Electrical regulations, call in an electrician. Call us, be safe!

We also fit Bathroom/ shower Extractor Fans and Shaving Points  




We supply and install electric cookers, ovens & hobs and install new cooker & hob circuits.

Got a new Cooker? Need it connecting to the mains? No Problem. It may just be a straight swap or a new circuit may be required. Let us assess it for you.

A lot of today's Electric Cookers, Ovens & Hobs are powerful and should be wired on their own independent circuit all the way back to the Consumer unit (Fuse box). Electric Cookers need to be wired in the correct size cable and be wired via a main Cooker Switch and an Outlet Plate   



In most homes today, families tend to have more than one Television set. People want TV's in the Lounge, the Kitchen and in each bedroom. Unfortunately most homes only have one Aerial Socket in the Lounge. But nowadays you can have as many TV points as you like. For example: We can install an electronic TV Booster and Splitter that can feed up to 8 Aerial outlets. So Whether it's 1 or 8 TV points you want, give us a call and let us stop the arguments over who watches what! Note: This does not include SKY or CABLE Television.


We supply and install extra telephone points.

A lot of people require addition points for extra phones, sky or internet connection. Give us a call and let us get you connected. Note: This does not include CABLE Television.



Unfortunately in today's society we can never leave our homes without worrying about Burglars. Most of know someone who has gone through the terrible experience of a stranger violating their home. We can do a lot to help protect our homes though. We can have Security lights fitted (See Above), leave lights on in the house that switch on and off via Timers and make sure we have good locks on doors and windows.

But by far the best deterrent is a good Quality Alarm System. The type of Alarm System we recommend and use is one that is hard wired and activated by Infra-red/movement Sensors in each room. The system can have an on board keypad and/or a system that is controlled by a small compact Remote Keypad fitted next to the Entrance/Exit door you use the most. Also we fit high decibel External Siren/Strobe's and an Internal Siren that will be extremely uncomfortable for any burglar inside the house and will alert the whole neighbourhood. And with a good quality alarm system you get No False Alarms. So your neighbours will know something is wrong because the system so rarely goes off.


We also refurbish old alarm systems and carry out fault finding and repairs on existing systems.


WIRELESS SYSTEMS - At present we DO NOT fit Wire-Less Systems and will never fit cheap Systems like you find in large DIY Stores. All those nuisance alarms you hear keep going off down the road? They are usually cheap DIY systems. You get what you pay for !

Wire-less Systems (FOR/AGAINST):

 FOR: Very little cabling required, alarm turned on/off by fancy key-fob, quicker and cheaper to install.

AGAINST: We found you get more false alarms, Professional thieves could trace your remote control signal and turn your alarm off, Sensors are Very large, bulky and un-sightly (2 to 3 times bigger than normal Sensors), all Sensors and other parts are powered by Batteries only - on going maintenance, expense and hassle!



A House Re-Wire when done correctly can unfortunately be a very expensive and messy task. It causes disruption for a week or two in the lives of the home owners. It involves emptying most rooms, removing upstairs carpets, flooring and floorboards. It involves the chopping out of walls therefore ruining decor & maybe tiling and all boards in lofts have to be fetched up. And brick dust etc gets absolutely everywhere.

So why are we telling you all these negative things? Are we trying to put you off? Basically we want to honestly prepare you for what is involved and take the time to make sure that you actually definitely need a full Re-Wire. A lot of firms will Re-Wire your house on your request whether you need it or not. Not Us. But should you need a re-wire, our good organisation and planning limits the hassle involved.

Let us visit your property and assess properly what you need doing. There are no real rules saying you must have a Re-Wire when your house is so many years old.


Houses less than 30 years old for example shouldn't need a Re-Wire unless a lot of the original wiring has been altered or added to by DIY enthusiasts (or other tradesmen like builders, conservatory fitters, kitchen fitters, bathroom fitter) who may not have wired their electrics to regulation (Many don't believe us, we see poor work every week!)           i.e 
         1)Sockets burnt out because a kitchen fitter thought it was ok to fit  13A plug on a  cable and just plug it in.  
2)Cable sheaf melting and allowing phase/earth fault on new conservatory with inadequate earth at supply leaving the person or animal at risk from shock and possible death, number of faults that can be rectified by using a certified electrical company like SJ ELECTRICAL

Like we said before, there are no strict rules or set time periods as such regarding Re-Wires but it is certainly recommended that you consider a Re-Wire if your property is pre-1970's or is wired in anything other than PVC cabling. (I.E. Old rubber cable = re-wire, Lighting circuits without earthing = re-wire).




If you're unsure, give us a call to assess you home.

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